At Ventelite, we believe in renovating healthcare through enriching lives. We do so by ensuring our level of care goes above and beyond the thorough assessment and treatment of patients for their common treatable ailments, we excel through delivering further support using first-class preventative care, sports training, medical coverage and allied health services. We have also engineered an elite athlete inspired line of activewear that stands the test of time and is comfortable for everyday wear, we believe that fabrics should be made breathable just like your skin.

What do we offer?

  • Physiotherapy Services

    VentelitePhysio provides physiotherapy services for various musculoskeletal problems. Our approach combines thorough assessments integrating advanced problem solving skills along with rehabilitation interventions and manual therapy.

  • Activewear

    We believe quality matters, we have designed our activewear to last using breathable materials that are also lightweight and flexible with elite-athlete performance needs in mind. Our activewear is engineered to for comfort and everyday wear, its made to be breathable just like your skin.

  • Ventelite Medics

    We offer sports medicine coverage that recruits sports trainers, paramedics and physiotherapists whom are qualified and trained to encompass pre-match conditioning and fitness training, event-specific skills training, holistic services such as soft tissue massage, pre event prophylactic strapping and taping, pre-event warm up and stretching.

  • Medical and Sports Equipment

    We provide medical and sports equipment allowing you to utilise our easy to use and responsive store to choose items which will be delivered promptly and safely shipped to your door step.

  • Medical Network

    We work in conjunction with medical practitioners and specialists to ensure optimal care is delivered to each and every patient through our multidisciplinary professional approach and consultations.

  • Therapeautic Supplies

    We offer therapeautic supplies that are user-friendly and are generally designed for individualistic use, our supplies compliment our physiotherapy consultations and assist in self-maintenance and exercise programs.

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